Envisioned for years…. Numinous Liz finally launched in 2018 as a community for freethinking families who love to travel, eat good food, live healthy and make the world a better place. Through my blog I’ll share our family’s journeys in life and wanderlusting. Enjoy the ride 🙂

  • Do you enjoy getting the most out of your travels?
  • Do you get overwhelmed in the planning and budgeting?

As you will see in our travels, everything is planned and researched right down to the cocktail at dinner. I’ll provide you with the tools that help me get organized including the save to afford the adventure. Travel can be expensive, however planning will help YOU do it with ease.

  • Are you a free thinker?
  • Do you feel like you are the only one?

You are not! I’ll share with how we survive as a free thinking family in a not so free thinking world. Tolerance is everything and the world would be a better place if all felt that way.

   THIS IS ME………..

Hey there, I’m Liz. I’m a wife, mother, xennial, wanderluster, freethinker, former USO Military Brat. WOW that’s a mouthful! I am all of this on my free time of course…. I must add I am a full time worker as well. Although born a Floridian, I spent most my elementary years overseas in Northern Japan. Yes, Japan; we’ll touch on that experience in a future blog post. Came back stateside to Florida in 1992 and I’ve been here since. My husband, son, dog and I reside in the beautiful suburb of Pembroke Pines.

My husband and I are both in the Real Estate Title Insurance industry. As everyone knows the real estate market took a TANK back in 2008. At this time we were riding high, owned our own title company, owned a big home and fancy cars as well…. ***crash*** bubble***boom***. Let’s just say life taught us some valuable lessons.

In 2011 we decided to start living small, and to get back to basics, all so that we could gain EXPERIENCE. Since then we have made it a point to travel and experience as much of this country… and world (we are getting there).

In this day and age with social media, when I share my travels,  I’m often asked HOW I am able to travel and HOW did I plan this??? That’s when NUMINOUS LIZ came to mind. I’ve created this page to HELP you do the same. I am also a FIEND for information from others on their travels.

I’m so happy you are here and I cannot wait to hear about your travel wishes and journeys! Say hello on twitter as well @liznuminous or on Instagram @thenuminousliz .



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