New Orleans… Crescent City SIGHTS

NOLA SIGHTS: New Orleans is one of those towns with something for to peak everyone's interest. Whether you are into people watching, history, food or nature; there is surely something in NOLA you will enjoy. I have been to New Orleans a few times and each visit I tend to add a new activity/sight. Below … Continue reading New Orleans… Crescent City SIGHTS

The Whitney.

If you are visiting New Orleans, whether stopping in before a cruise, or visiting the city; I highly recommend that you tour a plantation. When selecting a plantation I would suggest The Whitney. Why? It shows you the true life on a plantation, not just "high society" side. It will give you the side of … Continue reading The Whitney.

New Orleans.. Crescent City EATS

One of my most favorite cities in all of the United States is definitly New Orleans. With its old history, rich culture, and incredible food scene; NOLA is a must! I have personally vacationed three times here, once as a child and then twice as an adult. To be honest there is stuff for the … Continue reading New Orleans.. Crescent City EATS

How do you vacation so much!?!

A common question I am often posed with is HOW DO YOU VACATION SO MUCH?!?!? I wish I had one simple answer for this, I don't. What I do have is a list of requirements and habits you can obtain/create that will get you to a point where you CAN travel, and travel to YOUR … Continue reading How do you vacation so much!?!