Raising ADHD Pt II..the journey

**This is a continuation... to start from the beginning click here Raising ADHD Pt I.. the beginning Regardless of David's behavior, we as a family move along. This summer we had an epic trip planned for Washington D.C. David was actually super interested in this trip due to the museums. Again, very smart kid. Not … Continue reading Raising ADHD Pt II..the journey

Bacon and Spinach Strata

The holidays are a hustle and bustle time of year. From shopping and cooking to decorating the house to making cookies, the last two months of the year always fly's due to the constant list of to-dos! One of my family's favorite holiday traditions is my Breakfast Strata. I especially LOVE making this dish because … Continue reading Bacon and Spinach Strata

How do you vacation so much!?!

A common question I am often posed with is HOW DO YOU VACATION SO MUCH?!?!? I wish I had one simple answer for this, I don't. What I do have is a list of requirements and habits you can obtain/create that will get you to a point where you CAN travel, and travel to YOUR … Continue reading How do you vacation so much!?!